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Team W.H.I.P. is an organization of survivors, supporters, and caregivers who have chosen to invest in their's and the public's awareness while publicly sharing their stories. W.H.I.P. strategically plans, implements, and effectively serves through outreach to build healthier communities emotionally, socially, and physically. Our events have been proven to nurture one's physical and emotional health. W.H.I.P. events are open to any persons choosing to increase one's awareness, support loved ones and the efforts of the organization.

No upcoming events at the moment
Event Sponsors

Want to add your name to the list? Simply click on Ticket/Sponsorship button. Exclusive advertising with BeeTV for businesses. 


Click the google drive link before for highlight video from the Survivor's Mixer. For FULL video of S.M.I.L.E., please visit our youtube page

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