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To render support educationally, emotionally, and financially to: Breast Cancer Survivors, family members, and their support system through community efforts of programs and events.

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Caregivers are P.E.A.R.L.S. 

 1. Positive -  maintain a positive attitude in the presence of the patient

 2. Engage - in activities not all center around cancer. Educate on stages, types, treatments, & side effects.

 3. Advocates - attend doctor visits; ask questions

 4. Resourceful - search for help on local, state, and national platforms

 5. Listening Ear - listen to understand. Foster a line of communication

 6. Self-Health  - entertain self. Don't lose "self" while helping others


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Team W.H.I.P.

Team WHIP is a non-profit public 501(c)3 tax exempt organization serving the Chambers & Lee Counties in Alabama, and West Point of Troup and Harris Counties of Georgia


Phone: 334-610-1904

Registered Charity: Team WHIP

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